Dynamic Application Scanning

Testing for vulnerabilities throughout your entire development cycle is critical but it must be light-touch to maintain agility and ensure timely software releases.

Our solution partner provides full OWASP vulnerability coverage (including injection, XSS, RCE, zero days and other known security flaws) for ad-hoc, scheduled and continuous security testing supporting MS Azure DevOps, Jenkins and Team City build servers.

Within a click, you can produce professional penetration style reports including suggested remediation steps to ensure that as applications are developed your code is compliant with internal policies and external regulation.

Continuous Automated Vul Scanning

Supercharge your defenses, uncovering and eliminating vulnerabilities in your web apps, APIs, and network infrastructure in real-time.

Stay compliant, protect customer data, and gain a competitive edge by swiftly responding to incidents and demonstrating your unwavering commitment to safeguarding digital assets.

Don't settle for mediocrity - choose a cutting-edge solution that keeps you ahead of evolving threats. Elevate your cybersecurity game today and secure a brighter, safer future.

Holistic Continuous Auto Pentesting

Experience the power of a layered approach that safeguards web apps, APIs, external and internal IPs, and end user devices - supplemented by continuous IT tech supply chain attacks and social engineering attacks.

Amplify your defenses further with continuous OSINT and darkweb scanning, leaving no stone unturned. Stay steps ahead of cyber threats with automated, round-the-clock testing and monitoring. Don't settle for average security.