Security Target State

It's not a case of where you want to be but where you need to be. 
What are you regulatory requirements? What do you need to serve your customers? What's your current stack? Where are your crown jewels?

Businesses require a comprehensive analysis and report outlining security maturity with detailed issues and risks mapped to specific orgnisational threats. Through staff interviews and acute understanding of process, standards, KPIs etc. aligned to regulatory and business needs (including wider business goals), you'll be able to develop processes to evaluate / review suppliers, develop cost models, change management strategy and create communications plans for implementing company-wide changes.

We go a step further by assessing security team defence strategies and tools in place to respond to threats by comparing them to modern emerging threats and technologies such as deception-as-a-service, quantum threats and confidential computing. 

By creating a well-defined roadmap, Nayaka can help you on the journey to achieving security maturity.