Email Security

There has been a 61%* increase in phishing attacks since 2021, becoming the leading vector for ransomware and advanced impersonation attacks.
Secure Email Gateways alone are no longer sufficient, preventing only known threats and unable to stop misdirected emails and mis-attached files.

Prevent fraudulent messages, user impersonation and staff sending mission critical sensitive data to personal emails by using a next-gen email security solution.

By analysing historical emails to determine prior trust relations between sender and receiver as well as building behavioural profiles based on patterns of communication, deviations from normal email user behaviour can be spotted and stopped in their tracks. 

*Security Magazine 26/10/2022

Comms & Collaboration

With today's increased attack surface as a result of the distributed workforce and increased dependence on third party applications, sensitive data is now spread across your entire cloud estate.
From Slack and Jira to Teams and Salesforce, data leak exposure must be eliminated.

By using agentless and painless DLP to find and fix sensitive data exposure, you can ensure to improve data security hygiene and stay compliant, whilst monitoring your users for foul language and misbehaviour - all in one centralised dashboard with SIEM integration available.

Email Encryption

Enhance your communication protection and stop email data breaches through automated and user frictionless email encryption.

With flexible sender controls and recipient authentication, certified AES 256-bit encryption can be initiated using existing DLP classification rules or using advanced human layer intelligence.

By disabling attachment downloads, applying expiration dates and digital watermarks, and restricting forwarding and printing, you can ensure that privileged and sensitive communication remains for the intended recipient.